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Module 1: Creating A Business

The Startup Wars Co-Creation Project

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Startup Wars is a mobile simulation game that allows aspiring founders to experience entrepreneurship without the financial risk. 

As part of this initiative, we are now accepting applicants to our Fall Alpha Program, which will allow students to follow along the Startup Wars journey, learn about customer discovery, business decisions, and receive early access to Startup Wars - The Startup Simulation game!


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Startup Wars is a Mobile Application created by OpenForge, the leading experts in Mobile Apps using Ionic Framework.

Module 2:  Showing Traction & Valuation 

Building an MVP, showing traction, and learning about your customer's behavior is all part of the startup journey.  In this module, players learn to balance building an MVP with marketing while discovering the power of traction. 

Module 3: Expanding Office Operations & Company Morale

Much of a company's success will depend on the team building it, but not all employees are easy to manage.  This module teaches students the principals of employee management & allocation.

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Module 4: Pitching to Angel Investors And Raising Capital 

Raising capital is important when you're ready to take your company to the next level.  In this module, players learn to identify when to raise capital, how much to raise, and how to pitch to VC investors.

Nowadays, a great way to generate leads and get ahead of the competition is through online advertising. In this module, players learn about advertising platforms and bidding types. The game will end with showing the leaderboard and giving recognition to the new "entrepreneurs."

Module 5: Handling Competition

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How a company is structured and the city of incorporation has a significant impact on the financial structure of a company. In this module, students learn how early-on decisions affect their startup.

The Startup Wars Project

Each of our modules corresponds to an important lesson in entrepreneurship!